About Us

OJEU Finder is a welcoming family operated business. Initially established in 1994, we continue to aspire with a single purpose. We aim to provide cost-effective and straightforward access to public sector contracts.

How we deliver content continuously evolves to keep up with developments in new technology.

Here at OJEU Finder, we are always willing to try and meet the individual needs of our clients. We are very much against the idea that "one size fits all". Being able to adapt and offer custom methods for content delivery is essential to our company.

Our History.

During our origin, the Internet was in its infancy. Bandwidth was limited, the publications office charged enormous license fees and access to tenders was inadequate. A license was complicated to obtain and only granted access to raw data. Using our service allowed our clients access to OJEU notices without the need for a license. With enough subscribers, this alone enabled us to provide access for a fraction of the cost. As well as this, we also developed provided our clients with the tools to access and search for tenders. While we acknowledge some of the initial problems no longer apply, there are still many advantages to our services.

Why use us?

The simple answer is that what we offer is cost effective and requires no expertise.

Our reporting service eliminates the need for individuals to have expertise, training, to use and or develop/maintain/use tools or web-based services. The result saves our clients time and money, produces better search results and provides easy access to content.

In addition to OJEU tenders, we source low-value notices published all over the UK and Ireland. By combining these sources into a single place again saves time and helps to keep things simple.

Problem Areas (Summary)