Bulgaria-Sofia: Diagnostic agents

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Tile Bulgaria-Sofia: Diagnostic agents
OJEU (High Value) Only available to subscribers.
Type Invitation to tender
Date Published 2020-03-26
Deadline 2020-05-21 16:00:00
Nature Of Contract Supply contract
Awarding Authority Only available to subscribers.
Awarding Criteria Lowest price
Procedure Open procedure

Description :

This tender is available to active subscribers only

CPV Codes
33694000; 33696500; 33696600; 33696300; 24931250; 33140000; 33698100; 33141300; 33168000; 33141323; 38437110; 33192500; 38437100; 38437000; 33954000; 33793000; 33198200; 33141123; 38000000; 15994200; 33190000; 18424300; 44411000; 38311100; 38519310; 42931100; 39711110; 39711123; 39711120; 38430000; 33191100; 38425800; 31154000; Diagnostic agents; Laboratory reagents; Reagents for electrophoresis; Chemical reagents; Culture medium; Medical consumables; Microbiological cultures; Venepuncture, blood sampling devices; Endoscopy, endosurgery devices; Biopsy needles; Pipette tips; Test tubes; Pipettes; Laboratory pipettes and accessories; Biological evidence collection kits; Laboratory glassware; Paper sterilisation pouches or wraps; Sharps containers; Laboratory, optical and precision equipments (excl. glasses); Filter paper; Miscellaneous medical devices and products; Disposable gloves; Sanitary ware; Electronic analytical balances; Photo attachments for microscopes; Laboratory centrifuges and accessories; Refrigerator-freezers; Upright-type freezers; Freezers; Detection and analysis apparatus; Steriliser; Densitometers; Uninterruptible power supplies;

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