United Kingdom-Stornoway: Building construction work

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Tile United Kingdom-Stornoway: Building construction work
OJEU (High Value) 017957-2019
Type Contract awards
Date Published 2019-01-15
Nature Of Contract Public works contract
Awarding Authority Other
Awarding Criteria The most economic tender
Procedure Open procedure

Description :
Unable to display tender. Local file is corrupt.

CPV Codes
45210000; 44221000; 44221100; 44221110; 45421100; 45421110; 45421112; 45421130; 45421132; 44221200; 44221211; 44221213; 44221220; 45421111; 45421131; 44115200; 44115210; 45330000; 45332200; 44411200; 45211310; 39141000; 39141400; 45421151; 44112400; 44112410; 44112420; 44112500; 45260000; 45261200; 45261210; 45261211; 45261212; 45410000; 45262522; 31681410; 31681000; 45310000; 45311000; 45311100; 45311200; 45317000; 34928200; 34928220; 45342000; 45233161; 45233253; 45111240; 44411400; 44115600; 34953000; 45261420; 31680000; 31681400; 45233340; 45321000; 45261410; 45320000; 45331100; 45331000; 45315000; 45232141; 39715200; 39715210; 42131110; 44115220; 44620000; 44621110; 44621220; Building construction work; Windows, doors and related items; Windows; Window frames; Installation of doors and windows and related components; Installation of door and window frames; Installation of window frames; Installation of doors and windows; Installation of windows; Doors; Door frames; Door thresholds; Fire doors; Installation of door frames; Installation of doors; Plumbing and heating materials; Plumbing materials; Plumbing and sanitary works; Water plumbing work; Baths; Bathrooms construction work; Kitchen furniture and equipment; Fitted kitchens; Installation of fitted kitchens; Roof; Roof frames; Roof supports; Roofing materials; Roof works and other special trade construction works; Roof-covering and roof-painting work; Roof-covering work; Roof-tiling work; Roof-slating work; Plastering work; Masonry work; Electrical materials; Electrical accessories; Electrical installation work; Electrical wiring and fitting work; Electrical wiring work; Electrical fitting work; Other electrical installation work; Fences; Fencing components; Erection of fencing; Footpath construction work; Surface work for footpaths; Ground-drainage work; Shower basins; Stairlifts; Access ramps; Waterproofing work; Electrical supplies and accessories; Electrical components; Foundation work for footpaths; Thermal insulation work; Roof insulation work; Insulation work; Central-heating installation work; Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning installation work; Electrical installation work of heating and other electrical building-equipment; Heating works; Heating equipment; Central-heating equipment; Central-heating radiator valves; Heating materials; Central-heating radiators and boilers and parts; Central-heating radiators; Central-heating boilers;

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