Ireland-Dublin: Engineering services

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Tile Ireland-Dublin: Engineering services
OJEU (High Value) 031261-2019
Type Prior information procedure
Date Published 2019-01-22
Nature Of Contract Service contract
Awarding Authority Body goverened by public law
Awarding Criteria Not applicable
Procedure Not applicable

Description :

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CPV Codes
71300000; 45000000; 45100000; 45111000; 45111200; 45112450; 45210000; 45211000; 45211100; 45211200; 45211300; 66171000; 71000000; 71200000; 71311000; 71311100; 71312000; 71314100; 71317210; 71320000; 71322000; 71322100; 71324000; 71333000; 71334000; 71351720; 71351811; 71351914; 71400000; 71410000; 71420000; 71510000; 72224000; 79100000; 79110000; 79111000; 79140000; 79418000; 90712000; Engineering services; Construction work; Site preparation work; Demolition, site preparation and clearance work; Site preparation and clearance work; Excavation work at archaeological sites; Building construction work; Construction work for multi-dwelling buildings and individual houses; Construction work for houses; Sheltered housing construction work; Houses construction work; Financial consultancy services; Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services; Architectural and related services; Civil engineering consultancy services; Civil engineering support services; Structural engineering consultancy services; Electrical services; Health and safety consultancy services; Engineering design services; Engineering design services for the construction of civil engineering works; Quantity surveying services for civil engineering works; Quantity surveying services; Mechanical engineering services; Mechanical and electrical engineering services; Geophysical surveys of archaeological sites; Topographical surveys of archaeological sites; Archaeological services; Urban planning and landscape architectural services; Urban planning services; Landscape architectural services; Site-investigation services; Project management consultancy services; Legal services; Legal advisory and representation services; Legal advisory services; Legal advisory and information services; Procurement consultancy services; Environmental planning;

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