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Tile United Kingdom-Portsmouth: Sea defences construction work
OJEU Ref 293110-2019
Type Additional information
Date Published 2019-06-25
Nature Of Contract Public works contract
Awarding Authority
Awarding Criteria The most economic tender
Procedure Restricted procedure

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CPV Codes
71242000; 71351500; 71250000; 45111240; 45223821; 45212314; 45112711; 45112700; 45243300; 45211360; 45243200; 71313000; 71600000; 71320000; 45111000; 45111250; 45232400; 71630000; 45244000; 71351810; 45233162; 45233161; 45233000; 72224000; 71322100; 45112710; 45112712; 45112000; 45112100; 45100000; 45242110; 71243000; 45223200; 71310000; 45111300; 45111220; 71530000; 45262310; 45000000; 45243510; 71248000; 71356400; 45112400; 45262510; 45112500; 79415200; 45231400; 45223210; 45110000; 45111230; 45112340; 45231000; 71245000; 45212200; 45243500; 71510000; 71300000; 71330000; 71350000; 45212140; 45213312; 45111200; 45231300; 45212350; 45112210; 45220000; 45233290; 45233293; 71246000; 45212420; 45210000; 45246400; 45111213; 45111212; 45112200; 45112450; 45243400; 45232411; 45233280; 45221114; 45221115; 45232130; 45221113; 45262640; 45262211; 45221214; 45222000; 45243000; 45111291; 45111290; 71311000; 45111100; 45223810; 45246500; 45231600; 79416000; 71322000; 45113000; 45112300; 45112730; Project and design preparation, estimation of costs; Ground investigation services; Architectural, engineering and surveying services; Ground-drainage work; Prefabricated units; Historical monument or memorial construction work; Landscaping work for parks; Landscaping work; Sea wall construction work; Urban development construction work; Breakwater construction work; Environmental engineering consultancy services; Technical testing, analysis and consultancy services; Engineering design services; Demolition, site preparation and clearance work; Ground investigation work; Sewer construction work; Technical inspection and testing services; Marine construction works; Topographical services; Cycle path construction work; Footpath construction work; Construction, foundation and surface works for highways, roads; Project management consultancy services; Quantity surveying services for civil engineering works; Landscaping work for green areas; Landscaping work for gardens; Excavating and earthmoving work; Trench-digging work; Site preparation work; Launchway construction work; Draft plans (systems and integration); Structural works; Consultative engineering and construction services; Dismantling works; Scrub-removal work; Construction consultancy services; Reinforced-concrete work; Construction work; Embankment works; Supervision of project and documentation; Technical planning services; Excavating work; Stonework; Earthmoving work; Design consultancy services; Construction work for electricity power lines; Structural steelworks; Building demolition and wrecking work and earthmoving work; Ground-stabilisation work; Soil-decontamination work; Construction work for pipelines, communication and power lines; Approval plans, working drawings and specifications; Construction work for sports facilities; Sea defences construction work; Site-investigation services; Engineering services; Miscellaneous engineering services; Engineering-related scientific and technical services; Recreation installation; Car park building construction work; Site preparation and clearance work; Construction work for water and sewage pipelines; Buildings of particular historical or architectural interest; Topsoil-stripping work; Engineering works and construction works; Installation of road signs; Installation of street furniture; Determining and listing of quantities in construction; Construction work for restaurants and similar facilities; Building construction work; Flood-prevention works; Site-clearance work; Rock-removal work; Soil-stripping work; Excavation work at archaeological sites; Beach-consolidation works; Foul-water piping construction work; Erection of road-barriers; Construction work for iron bridges; Construction work for steel bridges; Storm-water piping construction work; Footbridge construction work; Environmental improvement works; Pile driving; Covered or partially-covered road excavations; Construction work for engineering works except bridges, tunnels, shafts and subways; Coastal-defence works; Site-development work; Primary works for services; Civil engineering consultancy services; Demolition work; Prefabricated constructions; Promenade construction work; Construction work for communication lines; Public relations services; Engineering design services for the construction of civil engineering works; Siteworks; Infill and land-reclamation work; Landscaping work for roads and motorways;

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