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Tile United Kingdom-Liverpool: Postal and telecommunications services
OJEU Ref 297236-2019
Type Additional information
Date Published 2019-06-26
Deadline 2019-07-22 15:00:00
Nature Of Contract Service contract
Awarding Authority
Awarding Criteria The most economic tender
Procedure Open procedure

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CPV Codes
64121100; 48500000; 48211000; 51611100; 30144100; 79995100; 30131600; 48100000; 79571000; 48328000; 79421100; 79900000; 48223000; 30131200; 30131800; 72316000; 30132000; 79823000; 63121100; 48311000; 79996000; 30216130; 30131400; 64216000; 64216120; 72312000; 22821000; 48613000; 64121000; 79311000; 48219000; 48311100; 72228000; 30131100; 79410000; 48782000; 48000000; 64113000; 30197310; 60411000; 75100000; 30132100; 64122000; 79212000; 72314000; 64216200; 79418000; 79996100; 48200000; 79500000; 50324200; 48214000; 79710000; 72512000; 72212311; 30133100; 64110000; 48780000; 30131000; 64111000; 30123400; 48210000; 79800000; 79570000; 48219700; 60421000; 50421200; 48781000; 48310000; 64115000; 39150000; 60161000; 64100000; 72212780; 72221000; 43411000; 50000000; 79824000; 48320000; 64000000; 48313000; 72313000; 30133000; 79421000; 30131300; 48213000; 72317000; 72412000; 79212200; 30130000; 64112000; 48329000; 72220000; 48720000; 30132300; 30131500; 30124520; 79999100; 48920000; 38520000; 64121200; 60160000; 72212223; Mail delivery services; Communication and multimedia software package; Platform interconnectivity software package; Hardware installation services; Postage-franking machines; Archiving services; Mail sealing machines; Industry specific software package; Mailing services; Image-processing software package; Project-supervision services other than for construction work; Miscellaneous business and business-related services; Electronic mail software package; Envelope-stuffing machines; Stamp affixers; Data analysis services; Sorting equipment; Printing and delivery services; Storage services; Document management software package; Business organisation services; Barcode readers; Postage machines; Electronic message and information services; Electronic mail services; Data entry services; Electoral forms; Electronic data management (EDM); Multi-modal courier services; Survey services; Miscellaneous networking software package; Document management system; Hardware integration consultancy services; Paper or envelope folding machines; Business and management consultancy services; Storage management software package; Software package and information systems; Postal services related to parcels; Letter openers; Scheduled airmail transport services; Administration services; Mail-sorting equipment; Internal office mail and messenger services; Auditing services; Data collection and collation services; Electronic information services; Procurement consultancy services; Records management; Networking, Internet and intranet software package; Office-support services; Preventive maintenance services; Network operating system software package; Security services; Document management services; Document management software development services; Bulk-mailing equipment; Postal services; System, storage and content management software package; Mailroom equipment; Postal services related to newspapers and periodicals; Folding machines; Networking software package; Printing and related services; Mailing-list compilation and mailing services; Communications server software package; Non-scheduled airmail transport services; Repair and maintenance services of X-ray equipment; System management software package; Document creation software package; Mailbox rental; Miscellaneous furniture and equipment; Parcel transport services; Post and courier services; System, storage and content management software development services; Business analysis consultancy services; Sorting and screening machines; Repair and maintenance services; Printing and distribution services; Drawing and imaging software package; Postal and telecommunications services; Optical-character-recognition (OCR) software package; Data capture services; Mailing equipment; Project-management services other than for construction work; Addressing machines; Operating system enhancement software package; Data storage services; Electronic mail service provider; Internal audit services; Post-office equipment; Postal services related to letters; Imaging and archiving system; Systems and technical consultancy services; Bar coding software package; Sorters; Mail opening machines; Scanner document feeders; Scanning services; Office automation software package; Scanners; Parcel delivery services; Mail transport by road; Electronic mail software development services;

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