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Tile United Kingdom-Salford: Construction structures and materials; auxiliary products to construction (except electric apparatus)
OJEU Ref 386992-2019
Type Invitation to tender
Date Published 2019-08-16
Deadline 2019-09-16 12:00:00
Nature Of Contract Supply contract
Awarding Authority
Awarding Criteria The most economic tender
Procedure Open procedure

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CPV Codes
44000000; 45212225; 44112230; 39713420; 45262321; 39532000; 39531400; 39531310; 19522000; 39831300; 45432121; 42999000; 39534000; 45432130; 39530000; 24327400; 39713400; 92520000; 39531100; 44191200; 44111700; 39812100; 19522110; 45432114; 42999400; 45431100; 45432120; 44112240; 45430000; 45432110; 92522000; 45262320; 03415000; 44191000; 39713410; 39500000; 39531300; 39531200; 44192000; 39000000; 44115800; 45236290; 45432111; 44112220; 42999200; 44112200; 44191100; 39533000; 45432100; 33682000; 45432000; 03418100; 44112210; 45432113; 45212000; 39531000; 39193000; 19522100; 45214710; 03410000; 44191500; 45422100; 42642000; 44531100; 45431200; 24580000; 24570000; Construction structures and materials; auxiliary products to construction (except electric apparatus); Sports hall construction work; Linoleum; Floor polishers; Floor-screed works; Mats; Carpeting; Carpet tiles; Resins; Floor cleaners; Computer floors; Non-domestic vacuum cleaners and floor polishers; Industrial carpeting; Floor-covering work; Carpets, mats and rugs; Resin products; Floor-maintenance machines; Museum services and preservation services of historical sites and buildings; Knotted carpeting; Laminated wood; Tiles; Floor polishes; Epoxy-resin tubing; Wood flooring work; Parts of non-domestic floor polishers; Floor-tiling work; False floor installation work; Parquet; Floor and wall covering work; Floor-laying work; Preservation services of historical sites and buildings; Screed works; Softwood; Miscellaneous construction materials in wood; Floor-cleaning machines; Textile articles; Tufted carpeting; Woven carpeting; Other miscellaneous construction materials; Furniture (incl. office furniture), furnishings, domestic appliances (excl. lighting) and cleaning products; Building internal fittings; Repair work on recreational areas; Laying work of flexible floor coverings; False floors; Non-domestic floor polishers; Floor coverings; Plywood; Rugs; Floor laying and covering work; Rubber tiles; Floor-laying and covering, wall-covering and wall-papering work; Hardwood; Solid flooring; Parquet flooring; Construction work for buildings relating to leisure, sports, culture, lodging and restaurants; Carpets; Paper- or paperboard-based floor coverings; Epoxy resin; Entrance hall construction work; Wood; Densified wood; Woodwork; Machine tools for working wood, bone, cork, hard rubber or hard plastics; Wood screws; Wall-tiling work; Primary-form amino-resins; Primary-form urea resins;

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