United Kingdom-Brecon: Day2stay

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Tile United Kingdom-Brecon: Day2stay
Wales (Non OJEU) JUN299261
Type Invitation to tender
Date Published 2019-06-24
Deadline 2019-07-08 00:00:00
Nature Of Contract Service contract
Awarding Authority Brecon Beacons National Park Authority
Awarding Criteria

Description :

Notice Type: SERVICES

1 Authority Details

1.1 Authority Name and Address

Official Name: Brecon Beacons National Park Authority
Postal Address: Sustainable Tourism, Plas y Ffynnon, Cambrian Way,
Town: Brecon
Postal Code: LD3 7HP
Country: UK
For the attention of: Carol Williams
Telephone: +44 1874620478
E-Mail: carol.williams@beacons-npa.gov.uk
Fax: +44 1874622574
Internet Address (URL): http://www.beacons-npa.gov.uk/
Electronic access to information: www.sell2wales.gov.wales
Electronic submission of tenders and requests to participate: www.sell2wales.gov.wales

1.2 Address from which further information may be obtained:
Official Name: Brecon Beacons National Park Authority
Postal Address: Plas y Ffynnon, Cambrian Way,
Town: Brecon
Postal Code: LD3 7HP
Country: UK
For the attention of:
Telephone: +44 1874624437
Fax: +44 1874622574
Internet Address (URL): http://www.beacons-npa.gov.uk/

1.3 Completed documents must be returned to:
Completed documents must be returned to:

As in 1.1

2 Contract Details

2.1 Title


2.2 Description of the goods or services required

1. Purpose

The Brecon Beacons and Cambrian Mountains destinations are working together on a common problem - converting the high proportion of low spend day visitors to higher spending staying guests. The evening economy will be used as the key driver with high quality promotional videos to support guided and self-guided evening experiences supplemented by events organised by local businesses/communities.


Dark Skies - stay to see the night skies

Sunsets - where to watch the sun go down

Night Wildlife - the excitement of observing nocturnal creatures in their natural habitats.

We are looking for a professional company to work with the group to produce seven videos, three for the Brecon Beacons, three for Cambrian Mountains and one “hero” video, promoting the very best of both destinations.

A completion date of February 2020 will need to be adhered to.

Year of Discovery

This project has discovery at its core. It seeks to use people's curiosity about evening/night experiences to drive overnight stays - a key priority for both destinations.

This is all about enabling more people to experience dark skies and the mysteries of the wider universe. By encouraging people to enjoy dark skies they will discover the constellations and their heritage, galaxies near and far and the summer joy of the milky way in all its splendour.

Indeed, Day2Stay significantly extends the Dark Sky discovery offer by demonstrating and benefitting from the linkages between Dark Skies and discovery of nature and Dark Skies and discovery of the evening landscape (sunset) that are such a special part of both the Brecon Beacons and Cambrian Mountains experience.

Many fascinating species are more active during twilight and overnight, with landscapes familiar to people during the day offering up new insight and excitement as the sun goes down. This project will seek to unlock these discovery opportunities for more people and for the businesses that provide them with services.

2. Background

Wales Way/Cambrian Way

Wales Way/Cambrian Way runs through the heart of the Brecon Beacons and alongside the Elan Valley and Cambrian Mountains, connecting the two destinations physically and culturally. The route is therefore only a stone’s throw away from some of the darkest designated skies in Wales.

People navigating the route will therefore have a range of inspiring reasons to stop, discover and extend their stay and spend as they traverse the region. Developing the Mid Wales Mountains as an iconic place for Dark Sky / Sunset / Nature at night will support the concept of the Wales Way.

NOTE: To register your interest in this notice and obtain any additional information please visit the Sell2Wales Web Site at https://www.sell2wales.gov.wales/Search/Search_Switch.aspx?ID=93360.

The buyer has indicated that it will accept electronic responses to this notice via the Postbox facility. A user guide is available at https://www.sell2wales.gov.wales/sitehelp/help_guides.aspx.

Suppliers are advised to allow adequate time for uploading documents and to dispatch the electronic response well in advance of the closing time to avoid any last minute problems.

2.3 Notice Coding and Classification:
Code Description
79000000 Business services: law, marketing, consulting, recruitment, printing and security
92000000 Recreational, cultural and sporting services
92100000 Motion picture and video services

Code Location
1024 Powys

2.4 Total quantity or scope of tender

We require a professional and experienced video company to film, edit and produce seven videos for a variety of social media outlets. Each video will need to be edited down into the following lengths:

• Pre-family Explorers (one per destination) 30 second, 90 second and 3 minute video.

• Active Family Explorers (one per destination) 30 second, 90 second and 3 minute video.

• Dark Skies wonder including timelapse photography (one per destination) 30 second,90 second and 3 minute video.

• Evening Economy (jointly) 30 second, 90 second and 3 minute video.

If text or voice are used then this needs to be fully bi-lingual, the partnership will provide translation for this.

The video company will be required to pay for and appoint models when required.

The quality of the videos must be in high quality HD.

Please read the Welsh Government Video guidelines which will need to be adhered to.

When filming, land owners permission must be sought and evidence of this produced for the partners.

These short videos will show people from the target markets enjoying the stars, wildlife and sunsets in remarkable locations followed by authentic, local food, drink and accommodation. The aim is to show how easily visitors can experience these places as part of an overnight stay. They will be published via You Tube channels, shown on the destination websites and hopefully on the Visit Wales website, promoted through social media with as much cross selling between destinations as practical.

We would like to see throughout the videos brand values which this partnership have adopted from Visit Wales which are;

To keep promoting and reinforcing Wales’ distinctive brand, based on our brand objectives:

• Elevate our status

• Surprise and inspire

• Change perceptions

• Do good things

• Be unmistakably Wales

We will be looking for companies who can demonstrate how they will encompass these values.

Examples of styles we like.



• Seven videos completed to include a 30 second, 90 second and 3 minute versions, which inspire visitors to stay overnight to enjoy dark skies, wildlife, sunsets.

• It is expected that the quality matches the videos which are commissioned by Visit Wales.

3 Conditions for Participation

3.1 Minimum standards and qualification required

4 Administrative Information

4.1 Type of Procedure

Single stage - Any candidate may submit a tender.

4.2 Reference number attributed to the notice by the contracting authority


4.3 Time Limits
Time-limit for receipt of completed tenders
08-07-2019 Time 09:30

Estimated award date

4.5 Language or languages in which tenders or requests to participate can be drawn up

4.6 Tender Submission Postbox
The buyer has indicated that it will accept electronic responses to this notice via the Postbox facility. A user guide is available at https://www.sell2wales.gov.wales/sitehelp/help_guides.aspx

5 Other Information

5.1 Additional Information

3. Partnership Working

The project is funded by Welsh Government Rural Communities – Rural Development Programme 2014-2020, which is funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development and Welsh Government.

Powys County Council are also contributing funding towards this project.

There are six main partners Brecon Beacons National Park Authority, Brecon Beacons Tourism, Elan Valley Trust, Cambrian Mountains, Welsh Water and Powys County Council.

This will be the first time that the two destinations, Brecon Beacons National Park & the Cambrian Mountains, have come together to address this issue and we are looking forward to developing some exciting and awe-inspiring videos which will demonstrate that within an hour of each destination there are some unique evening experiences which can be enjoyed and experienced.

4. Community Engagement

The organisations will be organising and the communities and tourism businesses will be hosting star parties, star walks and wildlife walks. They will be encouraged to add the completed videos to their business websites and use these for promotional purposes.

Two Star parties will be organised in both destinations between July-December 2019 which could be used towards some video footage.

Star walks and wildlife night walks will be organised between July-September, 2019 which again could be useful footage.

Businesses, local communities and partners will be encouraged to upload the videos onto their social media channels.

5. Target Markets.

Market Segments

The project will be focused on two primary target markets – Pre-family Explorers and Active Family Explorers. These have been chosen as they comprise significant markets for both destinations and we judge they are more likely to be influenced by the proposed videos.

Therefore we would wish that any models used during the filming will reflect these markets.

• Pre-family Explorers.

Looking for adventure, escapism and authenticity this market will be offered unique experiences timed for sunset and beyond. Videos and images will reflect how our sunsets can offer memorable and personal experiences. Stunning sunsets in spectacular locations and wildlife watch as the nocturnal world wakes up. These will be presented as motivational images which could include drone footage, 360 degree views, and time lapse video. The content will be used on relevant destination platforms.

A further theme for this market is the Dark Skies experience, this offers all motivations as above but additionally they would have “bragging rights”. Opportunities to see a meteor shower, the milky- way, constellations and planets would be conveyed using video.

Dark sky parties would feature as would the opportunity to learn how to take dark sky photography. It is vital to grab this market’s attention and by using the awesome night sky we will be offering a totally authentic experience of discovery.

• Active Family Explorers.

Discovering and exploring, experiences to build memories as a family are important for this market. Our wildlife at night can offer precious experiences such as bat detection walks, otter watch and the sounds of owls who all become active at night. Families would enjoy becoming wildlife detectives for a night and all of this would be conveyed in video and filmed from a ground level.

8. Steering Group.

A steering group of key stakeholders will be established to oversee the work of the video company and to be an initial sounding board for ideas and proposals. This will meet a total of three times. More frequent discussions will be necessary with the Project Managers.

9. Project Manager.

Carol Williams, Tourism Growth Officer, Brecon Beacons National Park Authority.

Charlotte Harley, Cambrian Mountains/ Elan Valley Trust

10. Timetable

o Tenders should be submitted by 0930hrs on Monday 8th July 2019.

o A shortlist of companies will be invited for interviews on 18th July2019 at the Authority’s offices in Brecon. Tenderers should keep this date free.

o Successful company notified by Monday 22nd July 2019.

o Report to steering group middle of august 2019 and at least twice more over the length of the project with concepts and storyboards for discussion.

o Videos completed on 14th February 2019.

11. Background Documentation.

Welsh Government Video guidelines

Welsh Government use of the Welsh language guidelines

13. Pre-tender Informal Discussions

For an informal discussion, please contact the Carol Williams, Tourism Growth Officer, by telephone 01874-620468 or email carol.williams@beacons-npa.gov.uk .

14.Welsh Language

Please read the Guidance for the use of the Welsh Language.

15. Costs & Contract

Tendering companies should indicate how they would provide value for money for their bid.

The details and timings of payments will be agreed with the selected consultancy before work commences but will be in arrears against project milestones. The schedule of meetings will be agreed with the selected company based on the indicative timetable outlined above.

16.Tender Submissions

• Companies should carefully describe their approach. The Authority will be pleased to receive tender submissions which include local expertise, knowledge and experience. Examples of similar previous work will be expected.

• The tender should be structured as detailed below:

o the experience of the company in undertaking this type of work

o the team members proposed (including any sub-contractors to be used), their qualifications, experience and a detailed breakdown of their role in the project;

o the approach which you propose to adopt in carrying out the work;

o a detailed breakdown of costs showing the number of days and daily rate of each team member, transport costs, meeting costs, crown copyright fees and production of all paperwork for each phase of the work;

o any costs which are excluded from the tender.

o at least two references for similar work

• Documentation to accompany the tender:

o Public liability insurance certificate to cover a minimum of £2million

o Professional liability insurance certificate to cover a minimum of £1million

o Completed and signed ‘Certificate regarding Collusive Tendering’

o Completed and signed ‘Freedom of Information Act Notice’

17. FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT: commercially sensitive information provided to Brecon Beacons National Park Authority as part of a quotation or tender.

The Authority must fulfil its obligations under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (the ‘Act’) and Environmental Information Regulations. The Act provides public access to recorded information held by public authorities. Therefore by progressing with this tender or quotation you are agreeing to certain information being released if requested under the Act. Please note however, commercially sensitive information will be protected under section 43 of the Act, and therefore exempt from disclosure subject to the public interest test. In order to identify what information you consider to be ‘commercially sensitive information’, please can you detail the same, and for how long you consider it to be ‘commercially sensitive information’, on an appendix to your tender. This will assist the Authority in determining whether or not the s43 exemption applies when considering information requests.

18. Ownership, copyright and confidentiality

• All the data and the final animation, any supporting documents etc. will be the property of the Brecon Beacons National Park Authority, Cambrian Mountains, Elan Valley Trust, Welsh Water and Powys County Council. The successful company will be fully acknowledged as the author(s) of the animation and will be able to cite their work.

• The partners will own the Crown Copyright for all material produced.

• The data should be provided to the client in a format that the Partners can access; this should be agreed at the inception meeting.

• Consultants are required to comply with the Data Protection Act and to return any personal or other data supplied by the Partners for use on their behalf without retaining copies.

19. Return of Tenders

• An emailed tender submission should be submitted to the Project Manager at carol.williams@beacons-npa.gov.uk. MS Office or pdf files are acceptable. Other formats are not acceptable without prior agreement.

• The tender submissions should be marked ‘Day2Stay Video Tender’

• Tenders should be submitted by 0930hrs on Monday 8th July 2019.

• Tenders that arrive later than the 0930hrs deadline cannot not be considered.

• Non-compliance with any of the above will invalidate the tender.

• Any offers of inducement or other consideration intended to influence the award of the contract will render the tender immediately invalid.

• Any queries relating to the tender procedure should be made to Carol Williams on 01874 620478 or carol.williams@beacons-npa.gov.uk

20. Selection of Consultancy

• Selection will be based on cost, value for money and the quality of the submission/interview, based on the following criteria:

? the tenderer’s understanding of the brief;

? the clarity and quality of the methodology proposed;

? previous experience in this field of work, examples can be provided

? an assessment of the creativity and approach likely to be brought to the work

? value for money

? the ability to work with a wide variety of stakeholders to the agreed timescale and deadlines.

• Brecon Beacons National Park Authority does not commit itself to accepting the lowest of any quotation

• A shortlist of companies will be invited for interviews on Thursday 18th July 2019 at the Authority’s offices in Brecon. Tenderers should keep this date free.

Carol Williams

Tourism Growth Officer

Brecon Beacons National Park Authority


01874-620478 - Date of Issue: 24th June 2019.

This notice has been sent as a region specific notice. If you did not receive an alert about this you are not based in the specific region selected by the buying authority. Questions on why this was sent as a region specific notice should be sent to the buying authority.

(WA Ref:93360)

Relates to the following project/programme financed by EU Community Funds: European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (ERDF) Regional Tourism Engagement Fund (RTEF)

Regional Tourism Engagement Fund (RTEF)

The buyer considers that this contract is suitable for consortia bidding.

5.2 Additional Documentation

Welsh lang guidance videos etc


2019.06.30_Day2Stay Video brief

Welsh lang guidance videos etc


2019.06.30_Day2Stay Video brief

5.3 Publication date of this notice

CPV Codes
Code;79000000;92000000;92100000 Description;Business services: law, marketing, consulting, recruitment, printing and security;Recreational, cultural and sporting services;Motion picture and video services

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