Poland-Poznań: Construction work

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Tile Poland-Poznań: Construction work
OJEU (High Value) Only available to subscribers.
Type Invitation to tender
Date Published 2020-01-14
Deadline 2020-02-24 10:00:00
Nature Of Contract Public works contract
Awarding Authority Only available to subscribers.
Awarding Criteria The most economic tender
Procedure Open procedure

Description :

This tender is available to active subscribers only

CPV Codes
45000000; 45100000; 45110000; 45112000; 45112100; 45113000; 45120000; 45122000; 45200000; 45231000; 45231400; 45232000; 45232200; 45232210; 45232220; 45232221; 71000000; 71240000; 71245000; 71300000; 71320000; 71322000; 71332000; 71323000; 71323100; 71325000; 45121000; 45221000; 45221200; 45221250; 45230000; 48000000; 48100000; 48150000; 48151000; Construction work; Site preparation work; Building demolition and wrecking work and earthmoving work; Excavating and earthmoving work; Trench-digging work; Siteworks; Test drilling and boring work; Test boring work; Works for complete or part construction and civil engineering work; Construction work for pipelines, communication and power lines; Construction work for electricity power lines; Ancillary works for pipelines and cables; Ancillary works for electricity power lines; Overhead line construction; Substation construction work; Transformer substation; Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services; Architectural, engineering and planning services; Approval plans, working drawings and specifications; Engineering services; Engineering design services; Engineering design services for the construction of civil engineering works; Geotechnical engineering services; Engineering-design services for industrial process and production; Electrical power systems design services; Foundation-design services; Test drilling work; Construction work for bridges and tunnels, shafts and subways; Construction work for tunnels, shafts and subways; Underground work other than tunnels, shafts and subways; Construction work for pipelines, communication and power lines, for highways, roads, airfields and railways; flatwork; Software package and information systems; Industry specific software package; Industrial control software package; Computer control system;

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