United Kingdom-Ruthin: Market Research Brief

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Tile United Kingdom-Ruthin: Market Research Brief
Wales (Non OJEU) WW/JAN323300
Type Invitation to tender
Date Published 2020-01-24
Deadline 2020-02-14 00:00:00
Nature Of Contract Service contract
Awarding Authority Denbighshire County Council
Awarding Criteria

Description :

Notice Type: SERVICES

1 Authority Details

1.1 Authority Name and Address

Official Name: Denbighshire County Council
Postal Address: Wynnstay Road,
Town: Ruthin
Postal Code: LL15 1YN
Country: UK
For the attention of: Dee Joyce
Telephone: +44 1824716192
Internet Address (URL): www.denbighshire.gov.uk
Electronic access to information: https://supplierlive.proactisp2p.com/Account/Login
Electronic submission of tenders and requests to participate: https://supplierlive.proactisp2p.com/Account/Login

1.2 Address from which further information may be obtained:
Official Name: Denbighshire County Council
Postal Address: Wynnstay Road,
Town: Ruthin
Postal Code: LL15 1YN
Country: UK
For the attention of:
Telephone: +44 1824706192
Internet Address (URL): www.denbighshire.gov.uk

1.3 Completed documents must be returned to:
Completed documents must be returned to:

As in 1.1

2 Contract Details

2.1 Title

Market Research Brief

2.2 Description of the goods or services required

Denbighshire County Council requires a market research company to investigate and to understand the needs of major and signature event management companies and event promoters.

The supplier will need to undertake research, to provide a report to the council on the findings, and present recommendations as to what the Council would need to put in place to attract event promoters to host events in Denbighshire.

The work would be required to have been completed (Including the final report) by the end of MAY 2020.

There is an indicative budget of £5-10K

2.3 Notice Coding and Classification:
Code Description
73000000 Research and development services and related consultancy services
73110000 Research services
73200000 Research and development consultancy services
73210000 Research consultancy services
73220000 Development consultancy services
73300000 Design and execution of research and development
79310000 Market research services
79315000 Social research services

Code Location
1013 Conwy and Denbighshire

2.4 Total quantity or scope of tender

3 Conditions for Participation

3.1 Minimum standards and qualification required

4 Administrative Information

4.1 Type of Procedure

Single stage - Any candidate may submit a tender.

4.2 Reference number attributed to the notice by the contracting authority


4.3 Time Limits
Time-limit for receipt of completed tenders
14-02-2020 Time 15:00

Estimated award date

4.5 Language or languages in which tenders or requests to participate can be drawn up

4.6 Tender Submission Postbox

5 Other Information

5.1 Additional Information


1. Log in to PROACTIS at https://supplierlive.proactisp2p.com

2. If you are already registered on the Proactis portal please Login and start at Step 14 of these instructions if not go to STEP 3

3. Click the “Sign Up” button at the bottom of the window

4. Enter your correct Organisation Name, address and Primary Contact Details. You will need to create the Organisation ID and User Name. If you have a generic email address for your organisation e.g. tenders@xxx.co.uk then please use this as the primary contact email address.

5. Please make a note of the Organisation ID and User Name, then click “Register”

6. You will receive an email asking you to “Click here to activate your account”. This takes you to Enter Organisation Details.

7. Please enter the information requested, click the “>” on the screen and follow the instructions

ensuring that you enter all applicable details.

8. In the Classification screen please ensure that you select the Product Classification Codes (CPV Codes) that appear in the tender notice. Please ensure that the selected codes are relevant to your

business to ensure that you get notification of opportunities that are of interest.

9. In the Buyers screen please select Denbighshire County Council (you may register with other organisations if you wish)

10. In the Primary Contact Details screen please ensure that all information is complete. (Please see note 4 above)

11. Accept the Terms and Conditions and then click “>”. This takes you to the Welcome window.

12. In the Finish screen please enter a new password and note all your Login details for future reference.

13. Now click “Complete Registration” and you will enter the Supplier Network page.

14. On the centre of the screen click “Opportunities”. This will take you to the list of current opportunities available to you.

15. Click the “>” that relates to this notice, this will take you into the PQQ or Tender Request and click “Register Interest”. Note there may be several opportunities that appear on this screen, please

ensure that you select the correct one.

16. In the “Your Opportunities” screen please note the closing time and date for completion of the relevant project. Please review the “Items” tab (Tender stage only) and the Documents tab (PQQ and Tender stages) as there will be information relating to the project held here. The Documents are accessed by clicking the down arrow underneath the General tab. Please ensure that you download all documents to your PC as you will be required to complete and upload some of them as part of your submission. There are instructions on how to complete your submission in the Guidance for Bidders document.

17. You can now either create your response”, or “Decline” this opportunity.

(WA Ref:95046)

(WA Ref:98384)

5.2 Additional Documentation
Additional Documentation

5.3 Publication date of this notice

CPV Codes
Code;73000000;73110000;73200000;73210000;73220000;73300000;79310000;79315000 Description;Research and development services and related consultancy services;Research services;Research and development consultancy services;Research consultancy services;Development consultancy services;Design and execution of research and development;Market research services;Social research services

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