Getting Better Results

Each day(or week) you will receive single a report (unless otherwise specified) in time for 9AM GMT. This report will contain all the current OJEU and low value tenders based on your search criteria that have been published since the time of your last report. All the information you need to apply for a tender will be found inside the report itself and there are no hidden costs or extra charges. The report itself is normally sent as a Microsoft Word document but we have a selection of formats and layouts to choose from if you prefer something else.

You may be wondering why unlike other sources we do not have an online search facility. At first glance this may sound like an antiquated business model given the way the web is continually evolving. We do however have our reasons which will soon become apparent.

By managing your search criteria for you it allows you to benefit from our years of experience in writing queries (knowing what categories to choose from and what keywords to avoid). Not only do you gain from this but you still remain in complete control. At any time during your subscription you may request as many changes as you like. We will always give our expert advise but at the end of the day we will let you have the final say.

Are you aware there are over 9500 official categories in the OJEU to choose from? this is difficult enough on its own.

Bad Keywords

Based on our own studies over the years we also find over 90 percent of our subscribers have little or no experience with writing queries. This is essentially what you are doing when you are searching the web with keywords or in this case the OJEU.

We find those who are not familiar dealing with this sort of work will make common mistakes in choosing keywords.

As good example can be taken from a telecommunications company. Left on their own they attempted to use the keyword "telephone". Had the keyword been left alone they would have received almost every single tender in the OJEU without realizing why.

If you haven't guessed it already nearly every tender will have contact details and most of them a telephone number. This means the word "telephone" will often be included within the text of the majority of tenders followed by the actual number to call. Only a fraction of these tenders would have anything to do with telecommunications.

This is of course a simple example, there are many keywords that can produce unexpected results are not so obvious. It is one of the many situations where we can help you get better results.

Full Indexing

Another key benefit is that our in house software can index the entire contents of all tenders. This allows us to search for keywords or phrases over the entire documents and not just a limited selection of fields. This is something all online sources we have looked at cannot do. The reason they cant is because it is a highly CPU intensive task. With over 1000 tenders per day even going back a single week would take a standard web server a good few minutes to process a single page of results. To do otherwise would require renting or buying very expensive equipment and drive up subscription costs.