Reporting Service

Our reporting service grants you full access to all OJEU notices and low-value tenders we have available.

Should you wish to maintain and run your own searches we can also offer you full acess to our unique software built in house. For further details please contact us.

Regular OJEU Reports

Subscribe to weekly reports through to 31 December or to 13 week trial periods commencing no later than 30 September. Should you subscribe to a trial period from 1 October a special incentive might apply. Please contact us for more information.

Available Formats

You may order your OJEU Report in Microsoft Word (.DOC), PDF, RTF, or TXT formats.

Microsoft Word (DOC)

Adobe PDF

Rich Text (RTF)

Plain Text (TXT)

To preview addtional formats click the associated icon.

Microsoft Word (DOC) Format

The Microsoft Word format is popular with many of our subscribers. It is compatible with MS Office 2000 and above as well as the popular free Office Suites (Libre Office and Open Office). It is easier to read than the legacy TXT format. It adds a much more modern look and feel to your reports. The MS Word format also addresses issues with the RTF format. It is much quicker to load and does not suffer from display issues on certain operating systems and/or viewers. The index provides links where supporting viewers may to take you to directly to the page containing the corresponding notice. To download a sample please see the link below the screen shot.

Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF)

The PDF format is the latest addition to our reporting service. While we do not yet match the visual layout of .DOC or .RTF formats (of which use tables) the PDF format is by far the most portable format. The average PDF document will also display many times faster than Miscrosoft Word. This is a huge advantage if you are receving more than 100 tenders in your report. Instead of minutes loading a 2000 page RTF or MS Word document the PDF format can be displayed in less than a second.

Rich Text Format (RTF)

RTF is a universal format that is supported on Windows, Mac and Linux. The RTF format does not require any special software to view. WordPad that comes with Microsoft Windows can display RTF documents out of the box. RTF is also supported by Microsoft Office and the free OpenOffice suite. The default text viewer on the Apple Mac operating system (OSX) can also display RTF documents without any additional setup. The RTF format was originally designed to replace the legacy TXT format. Since the introduction of the MS Word and PDF formats which provide superior visual and load times it has now become obsolute. The RTF format is still used by a number of our subscribers and is available upon request.

Plain Text Format (TXT)

The .TXT format is popular with subscribers that import and customise OJEU reports into their own information retrieval system. The .TXT format is ideal when internal reporting requires a specific style to be used (ie. for circulation by email). Upon request, a Tutorial Note is available with tips on processing the .TXT format.

The weekly report is prepared for you in two parts: Index; Full Report. Use the links below to download a sample.

Customised Content

Here at OJEU Finder we believe in delivering content to our subscribers the in the way you want it. Should you dislike any of our standard layouts, file formats or methods of delivery then please contact us. We are more than happy to work with you to personalise your subscription to your requirements.

Next step?

Sign up now to brief us on what you want to sell to the public sector. Your advice will enable us to develop a robust OJEU search routine that can be reviewed at any time at no further cost. Your customised weekly OJEU reports for the UK and/or elsewhere in the EU will be delivered to your nominated email addresses once the subscription is paid.

Consultancy assignments

OJEU Reporter Ltd supports the greater availability of experts in the field of EU and UK Procurement Law and Policy. Please do not hesitate to write, should you require qualified assistance in areas such as: