How it works

1 - Sign Up

Sign up to OJEU Finder Website filling out your requirements and selecting your method of payment. With the exeption of our trial service our subscription model runs on a yearly basis. This means your subscription will start from the day your recieve your first report up to and including the 31st December for the current year. If you are to subscribe after January 1st you will only be invoiced for the weeks remaining in current year. For more information on pricing see our home page.

2 - Make Payment.

As part of the signup process, If you chose to pay online by credit card or PayPal then you will skip this step. If you requested an invoice to be raised you will be contacted by a member of our team who will email you any appropriate information along with your invoice in PDF format. Payment in this manner may be settled by cheque or bank transfer.

3 - Receive & Review Your Search Parameters

Upon the completion of payment one of our OJEU specialists will begin work on creating your customised search parameters. Please note that payment by bank transfer or cheque must first be cleared with our bank.

At this stage a sample report as well as a summary of your current search criteria will be provided for your review.

Should you at any time during the peroid of your subscription require changes to your reports we urge you to contact us. We shall do our best to work with you to make any adjustments free of charge to ensure that your weekly reports reflect the needs of your organisation.

4 - Your Subscription is Complete

You now will begin to receive your reports. They be sent to the designated email address(es) you have listed on your application.


For more information on the benefits of our reporting service and why we believe our solution delivers the best results click here.

Price Match

Here at OJEU Finder we remain committed to keeping costs as low as possible. If you can find a lower price prior to signing up to our annual subscription we will do our best to match that price. You may contact us here for more information.


Please note that once work has begun we can only offer at best a partial refund.