Managed Reports vs Unmanaged Searches

What Are My Managed Reports?

Our managed reports epitomize the culmination of our dedication to crafting search criteria finely tuned to your specifications. They incorporate meticulously selected keywords, CPV codes, and filters customized to your needs, guaranteeing the utmost relevance in the results delivered.

Managed reports serve as the backbone of our tender alert service.

On the other hand, unmanaged searches are those you construct independently using the search feature on our platform. While convenient, they may lack the refined precision and accuracy characteristic of managed reports. This discrepancy arises from the optimization of our standard web search for simplicity and speed, trading off some granularity for user-friendliness.

Can I Access My Managed Reports Online?

Absolutely. Your managed reports are conveniently accessible through our website . This enables you to execute your managed search(es) across our comprehensive tender database. Particularly beneficial for new subscribers, it allows you to identify any matching active tenders published before activating your tender alert service.

Below are screenshots illustrating how to access your managed reports.

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