What are CPV Codes?

CPV codes, also known as Common Procurement Vocabulary codes, are a standardized system of classification used in public procurement processes. They were developed by the European Union to facilitate the exchange of information and streamline procurement procedures across member states.

CPV codes provide a way to categorize and describe goods, works, and services that are being procured. They consist of a series of digits that represent different levels of classification, allowing for precise identification of the procurement object. The codes are hierarchical, with higher-level codes representing broader categories and lower-level codes providing more specific details.

CPV codes are typically used in tender documents, contract notices, and procurement databases to ensure transparency, comparability, and efficient searching of procurement information. They help buyers and suppliers to accurately specify and understand the nature of the goods, works, or services being sought or offered.

For example, a CPV code for "computer hardware" might be:

  • Level 1: 30000000 - Office and computer equipment, accessories, and supplies
  • Level 2: 30200000 - Computer equipment and supplies
  • Level 3: 30210000 - Computer hardware

By utilizing CPV codes, procurement entities can better communicate their requirements, and suppliers can more effectively identify relevant business opportunities and submit appropriate bids.

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