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OJEU Database User Notes (IRead software):

2009 Basic Tutorial in PDF format

1994 User Guide in PDF format

2012 Getting IRead to work with 64bit versions of Windows 7 in PDF format

Q: I have not received my email this week. Where is it?

A: The most common cause is spam filtering software / junk mail settings. Please check with your network administrator to make sure we are on your safe list. It is also recommended you check your junk email folder. If you need us to reissue a report or are having problems please get in contact with us.

Q: How long do I have to sign up for?

A: Our subscription service is yearly (up until December 31st of the current year). If you wish to subscribe to OJEU you will be billed from the day you receive your first report up until the end of the current year.

Q: Can I get a copy of the OJEU Journal so I can search it instead of receiving reports?

A: Weekly OJEU databases are currently available to special order: full edition; consultants/service providers subseries; UK/IRL subseries.

Q: Can you send my reports to more than one email address?

A: Yes, you may receive reports to multiple email addresses.

Q: Can I change my OJEU search parameters (list of keywords and relevant descriptions)?

A: Of course you can - there will be no charge. Please request your current OJEU query/ies for review/edits purposes.

Q: How can I change the list of email addresses you send my reports to?

A: Please forward your revised list of email addresses to be used for OJEU reporting purposes.