UK Procurement Thresholds

If, over the lifetime of a contract or a framework, the spend on said contract equals or exceeds the current thresholds, it must legally follow the OJEU Compliant Route to Market- this could mean advertisement via OJEU.

Post-Brexit, the UK procurement thresholds are governed by the WTO’s GPA. These thresholds are not subject to review or change until January 2022, so thresholds will remain largely the same as the usual, EU figures for now.

The procurement thresholds for the UK are:

Supply, Service and Design contracts

Works contracts 

Social and other specific services

Central Government




Other Contracting Authorities




Small Lots




*The thresholds are not round figures (as in £4,500,000) as they are based on the historic exchange rate against the Euro. They are also excluding VAT.

Low Value Tenders (UK &ROI)

Central government departments and its agencies are required to advertise contracts over £10,000 GBP. In addition the wider public sector are required to on contracts over £25,000 GBP. Thresholds differ for the ROI.

Our service provides full access to all low value UK & ROI public tenders that meet the local government requirements for procurement.

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