Unveiling the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU)

At the crossroads of European transparency lies the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU), a unique publication that graces every working day with its presence in all official languages of the European Union (EU). Comprising two interconnected series, namely L for legislation and C for information and notices, it also boasts a supplementary facet: S for public procurement. Distinguished by its electronic counterpart within the C series, a vibrant digital extension complements its traditional form.

The Magnitude of OJEU's Impact: A Symphony of Numbers

A remarkable orchestration of opportunities, the OJEU orchestrates over 520,000 procurement notices annually. Like a mosaic of possibilities, these notices weave together the fabric of EU initiatives. Among these, a resounding chorus resonates—approximately half of the publications emerge as calls for tender. These harmonious calls collectively amass a stunning value, amounting to an awe-inspiring €420 billion.

OJEU Demystified: "Official Journal of the European Union"

The acronym OJEU succinctly encapsulates its essence—Official Journal of the European Union—a testament to its pivotal role in forging an open, collaborative, and interconnected European landscape.

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